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Fine Chemicals: The EU Seeks To Fortify Supply Chains

DCAT article – 09/12/2020

DCAT issued a must-read article on the European Commission’s Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe and the supply chain vulnerabilities.

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Europe’s drug supply chain gets ready for a makeover

C&EN Article – 27/11/2020

Luís Gomes, the Chairman of the EFCG Pharmaceutical Activities Committee and Maggie Saykali, Director at Cefic, are quoted in this interesting article on the pharmaceutical supply chain complexity.


Building a resilient and sustainable EU Health Industry


EFCG members propose measures to continue building a resilient and sustainable European pharmaceutical industry.

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Cefic welcomes the EC Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe


Cefic Director General considers the new EU Pharmaceutical Strategy as an encouraging sign towards building a resilient EU-based pharmaceutical supply chain.

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The European Commission presents the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe


The European Commission presented today its much awaited and ambitious Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe.

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CPhI Worldwide in Milan from 31st August to 2nd September 2021

The CPhI organisers have announced that the next edition of the fair will take place in Milan, Italy, from 31st August to 2nd September 2021.
EFCG will hold its annual networking dinner on Wednesday, 1st September.

Covid-19 highlights need to update pharma supply chains

Chemistry World – 16/10/2020

Chemistry World released an article on how the covid-19 sanitary crisis highlights the need to update the pharmaceutical supply chains.

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COVID-19 is reshaping the pharmaceutical supply chain

C&EN VOLUME 98, ISSUE 16 – 27/04/2020 – Rick Mullin

The coronavirus pandemic may mark a rebalancing of where drugs are made as nations recognize a security imperative

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VOXEurop article – Europe’s suicidal reliance on drugs made in China

VOXEurop Article  – 11/03/2020

Since two years, EFCG has been advocating for a comprehensive set of measures to reduce Europe’s dependence on China for our essential APIs. These are listed in our position paper, which has now also been mentioned in this extremely well written article on Europe’s excessive reliance on China for our essential medicines. read more.


EMA addresses the potential impact of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on medicines supply in the EU

EMA Press release 10/03/2020

EMA and its partners in the European medicines regulatory network are closely monitoring the potential impact of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on pharmaceutical supply chains into the European Union (EU).  read more



Pharmaceuticals in the Environment – MEPs call for action to tackle pharmaceutical pollution

EP Press release 05/03/2020

On 5th March the European Parliament’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee (ENVI) adopted a motion for resolution calling for new measures to tackle pharmaceutical pollution.  read more



API manufacturers address critical medicines shortages leaving Europeans and Americans vulnerable and dependent on Asian supplies

EFCG – BPTF Press release 12/02/2020

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacturers express their concerns and urge EU and US authorities for action as the Coronavirus outbreak in China further highlights the vulnerability of the pharmaceutical supply chain.  read more