FAME – Fine Chemicals and Agrochemicals  Manufacturers in Europe

FAME is a committee of EFCG that represents the European Producers and Custom Manufacturers of Agrochemical active ingredients and intermediates for ISO regulated fine chemicals.

Our vision

We want to help create a world where access to safe and good quality nutrients is guaranteed for all and promote a fairer and safer environment for future generations.

Our mission

We create value for the European producers of fine chemicals through sustainable competitiveness, growth and the promotion of responsible global environmental performance.

Our objectives

Set the quality benchmark and promote European high-quality standards

Promote the European identity and production excellence

Ensure safe, sustainable and responsible processes

Build joint positions with the value chain on current and upcoming legislations and help ensure their uniform implementation throughout Europe

Lead the manufacturing standard-setting process and monitor the progress of global emerging regulations

Build a global network through cooperation with other industry associations and through well-established events such as the Crop Protection Forum

Our values

Reliability in business partnerships

Social Responsibility

Proactive approach to issues


Stakeholder Dialogue

Our activities

FAME members are fine chemical companies, mostly active in the crop protection industry.

The molecules our members produce are the essential building blocks – intermediates or active ingredients- that help deliver the essential and optimal performance of the final crop protection product, thus ensuring increased farming yields and preventing plant and livestock diseases.

These building blocks are developed and produced using cutting edge technology and according to highly technical specifications. They are often tailor-made and produced at relatively small volumes by our members who can deliver the specific chemical technology needed by the larger crop protection multinationals.

In addition, FAME members are crucial manufacturing partners for various industries such as automotive, polymer, paints and coatings. With our high-quality approach, we contribute positively to these industries’ premium products.

FAME membership

Currently FAME counts 16 member companies