about us

founded in 2004, efcg is the forum & the voice of the european fine chemicals manufacturers.

We are a non-profit international sector group within Cefic, the Brussels-based European Chemical Industry Council which represents 29,000 large, medium and small chemical companies in Europe, directly providing 1.2 million jobs and accounting for 17% of world chemical production.

85 Billion USD

Estimated global market for fine chemicals

55 billion USD

Value of fine chemicals used in pharmaceuticals

15 billion USD

Value of fine chemicals used in agrochemicals



European companies

our vision

We want to help create a world where access to safe and good quality nutrients and innovative medicines is guaranteed for all and promote a fairer and safer environment for future generations.

Stakeholder Engagement

EFCG interacts on behalf of our members with international and EU institutions, non-governmental organisations, the international media and other stakeholders, thus generating a stronger voice through collective action to create a more level playing field on regulations and, more importantly, their enforcement, and create a fertile environment for investments and innovation for our industry in Europe.


The EFCG REACH Task Force, composed of experienced regulatory specialists from our member companies, was recently relaunched.

Working hand in hand with the Cefic Product Stewardship Team team and national associations, it aims to pool the knowledge of our members and provide  useful advice on the management of current regulatory issues such as the registration of intermediates,  authorisation and restriction of chemical substances.

Its more recent achievement  was to contribute to the development of a practical guidance document on the strictly controlled conditions for the manufacture of intermediates.

EFCG members are the strong scientific link in the pharma and agrochemicals value chain. We are the backbone of the industry, producing its essential building blocks.

We uphold the highest quality and safety standards in our industry and we strongly advocate for all companies producing and selling in the EU to be held to the same high standards.

Our values:

  • Social Responsibility
  • Proactive approach to issues
  • Transparency
  • Stakeholder Dialogue
  • Reliability in business partnerships