EFCG Committees

FAME (Fine Chemicals and Agrochemicals Manufacturers in Europe) represents the European Producers and Custom Manufacturers of Agrochemical active ingredients and intermediates for ISO regulated fine chemicals.

PAC – Pharmaceutical Activities Committee

The mission of the European API and pharmaceutical excipients manufacturers is to provide patients and healthcare professionals with top quality pharmaceutical ingredients for their medicines, thus ensuring the availability, affordability and adequate choice of pharmaceuticals that help promote quality of life.

This mission can only be achieved by levelling the playing field, by means of an effective Industrial Policy for the European manufacturer of pharmaceutical raw materials as API and pharmaceutical excipients, which helps to improve its competitiveness and high quality standards, facilitating a better access to other geographical areas. The European API sector is a high technology sector with high added value which should be supported and promoted.

Currently FAME counts 16 member companies: AlzChem, BASF, Borregaard, CABB, ESIM, Evonik, Lonza, Merck, Novasep, Robinson Brothers, Saltigo, Schirm, Solvay, Speichim Processing, Vertellus, WeylChem

The Innovation Committee

To better reflect the importance of Innovation across the EU Fine Chemical Industry, the EFCG Board set up its Innovation Committee in 2014.

Amongst current activities is the application of a cutting edge innovation methodology, TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) – a systematic process that develops creative thinking skills – to help us shape the future of our association and our activities and provide our members with a tool for their step-change innovation projects.