Our activities short description: Companies active in EFCG’s FAME committee produce fine chemicals by using cutting edge technologies.

Fine chemicals are pure substances that are often tailor-made at relatively small volumes by our members, who can deliver specific chemical technology and technical specifications needed by larger multinationals. Our companies are mainly active in the crop protection industry but also act as crucial manufacturing partners to many different industries, contributing positively to their premium products.

Crop Protection

EFCG interacts on behalf of our members with international and EU institutions, non-governmental organisations, the international media and other stakeholders, thus generating a stronger voice through collective action to create a more level playing field on regulations and, more importantly, their enforcement, and create a fertile environment for investments and innovation for our industry in Europe.


We manufacture high quality ingredients that are used in a wide range of application within the cosmetic industry.

We produce UV filters, which are the main active ingredients in sun protection products. UV filtersare used in sunscreens to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV light (skin cancer, photo damage and wrinkling) and are commonly incorporated into other everyday cosmetics.

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Other fine chemicals for cosmetics use include:

  • Special polymers used as thickeners and in hair setting resins
  • Silicone chemistry for shampoo and hair conditioners
  • Hair dyes and bleaching agents
  • Perfume fragrances

Food and feed

We produce ingredients and intermediated used as flavor and fragrances in different food products and as food preservatives to help the food last longer.
We produce intermediates and additives for animal nutrition, to ensure a healthy animal growth by providing anti-inflammatory effects and reducing the needs for antibiotics.


We produce modern intermediates for OLEDs and liquid crystals (LC), which make smartphones and TVs brighter, more colourful and help save energy.

Renewable energy

We produce lithium derivatives, membrane and polymers used in batteries. Our production include additives for epoxy resin composites that play a key role ensuring safety and quality in the automotive, airline, wind power and other high performance industries. Other substances such as solar grade silicon nitride play an important role in the competitive production of solar wafers from polycrystalline silicon for the solar market.

Special Polymers and Coating Additives

We manufacture oligomers and polymers based on renewable sources using plants alcohols. These special polymers are used is many applications from shoe soles to carpeting to paints and much more. We make polymers that help plant protection agents stick better to the plant leaves and thus, greatly reduce the amounts applied.
Other coating additives include: UV protection agents, crosslinkers, stabilizers, paper and textile additives.

High performance applications

We produce high performance and environmentally friendly raw materials such as:  

  • Organic pigments and dyes – using unique waste-reducing catalytic gas-phase technology
  • Ligands and catalysts – we partner with innovators to make highly advanced ligands and catalysts that are used in many chemical processes to reduce waste and energy consumption
  • Flame retardant – we produce organic and inorganic flame retardants that are applied to different materials to prevent burning or to slow down the spread of fire