Covid-19 highlights need to update pharma supply chains

16 Oct 2020

Chemistry World article | 15/10/2020

Chemistry World released an article on how the covid-19 sanitary crisis highlights the need to update the pharmaceutical supply chains.
Maggie Saykali, EFCG, was interviewed, as well as John di Loreto, from BPTF, our US conterpart.

‘Members alerted us about two years ago to problems sourcing from China because complete industrial parks were closing down after the government implemented a wide environmental plan,’ says Maggie Saykali, Cefic’s director for Speciality Chemicals. […]

But, says Saykali, manufacturing processes should not be brought back in their current form, as technology offshored 20 years ago is outdated, particularly by environmental standards. ‘We propose to invest, upgrade and take the opportunity to innovate,’ she says. ‘We need a global quality standard, not simply the cheapest option. Being more self-reliant takes a cocktail of measures – investment, regulatory flexibility and trade.”

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